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Mills Gourmet is a family owned and operated small gourmet food manufacturing company in Lindale in the heart of East Texas.

With us our specialty is delicious foods with great customer service! We make everything in small batches to maintain our quality.

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As their kids headed off to college, two sisters, Judy and Pat, decided to start a business to fill their empty nest. They converted a guest house in Pat’s back yard into a commercial kitchen and started cooking and in 1990, their first product was born – Sweet & Hot Jalapenos. 

Sampling the product by pouring over a simple brick of cream cheese and serving on crackers was all it took to get their customers demanding more.  We recommend sending these products as gifts to your friends and family, near and far!

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From the farm to your family table, we are dedicated to creating exciting, delicious, and innovative gourmet products with unique flavor combinations to inspire your culinary adventure, as we have done for the last 44 years!

We are passionate about supporting your love of good food and shared experiences with our award-winning cooking sauces, salsas, jams, jellies, appetizers, pasta sauces and so much more that bring your recipes to life for you to enjoy and share with your loved ones.

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Turn an ordinary cracker into an Amazing Party Cracker!
No Prep…No Baking…No Mess!

Perfect for Quick and Easy Entertaining

• Snacks

• Parties

• Cookouts

• Travel

Sweet Shop USA


Sweet Shop USA, celebrating 40 years of handmade chocolates, was founded in Fort Worth, TX in 1972 and is a family-owned chocolate manufacturer dedicated to preserving the craft of American handmade chocolates.  Located in Mount Pleasant, Texas, the 80,000 square foot factory makes Sweet Shop USA the largest handmade chocolate manufacturer in the country.  

Sweet Shop USA invests in people who take painstaking care and pay close attention to detail when handcrafting our gourmet chocolates, making each handcrafted piece a unique work of art. Beginning at 5:00 a.m. daily, our staff begins mixing and beating truffle centers until the right consistency is achieved. The hand rolled centers are then immersed into individual beds of white, milk or dark chocolate coatings. The result is a unique texture, look and taste only hand-made products from can provide. 

Each handcrafted piece will truly amaze with every single bite.

Sweet Shop USA


A delicious and classic combination of spices which makes ordinary cider, wine, tea and brandy extraordinary. No cooking is necessary. The spices dissolve completely, so it is perfect for hot and cold drinks, as well as for baking. Our single-serving packets also make excellent stocking stuffers or an instant Taste of Aspen wherever you go.

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