Tyler Candle Company is one of the top selling candle lines in the nation.  Their special blend of high-quality soy and paraffin waxes along with opulent fragrance oils creates the ultimate aroma experience.  Each candle is hand-poured, ensuring even burning and maximum fragrance saturation.  All jars are guaranteed to fragrance a room in minutes!



Circle E Candles are not your typical candle. Signature candles are known for the longest-burning and most delightfully fragrant candles on the market. The finest fragrances available are combined with an exclusive blend of the highest-quality waxes, which are then painstakingly hand-poured into high-quality heavy glass containers using only lead-free wicks. No detail is left to chance.


Hand-poured high end candles made in the heart of Texas.  All premium ingredients for a slow-burning container candle and no dyes used in manufacturing. Start with Granny Bee’s most sought after fragrance, Creme Brulee.


A New Orleans favorite! The Orleans Candle is the perfect accessory to liven any room. The refreshing, scent with fleur de lis emblem embraces the French, New Orleans spirit. Our candles make for the perfect gift without the need to gift wrap. Many fragrant scents available. The Orleans Home Fragrance Company hand-poured candles celebrate the spirit of New Orleans with quality and fragrance.


Aromatique is the creator of decorative room fragrance. Different from potpourri, Aromatique decorative fragrance is bold and definitive, each fragrance creating a distinct ambiance for each room in your home. Fragrances contain large distinctive botanicals designed to serve as decorative accessories, and all products contain exact concentrations of specially blended oils to obtain true and lasting fragrance.

Aromatique decorative fragrances are renewable with Refresher Oils and Room Sprays. Each fragrance line offers companion refresher oils, room sprays, candles, and a variety of accessories.  Each bag of Aromatique  is hand-packaged with the contents carefully layered and arranged. One bag requires the work of three people to package.


The ‘Scent of Memories’ evokes experience; melding past and present in a luminous link that fills the atmosphere with possibilities. This is the spirit of decorating with fragrance. This is the heart of the Claire Burke® collection.

More than 56 years ago, this Home Fragrance collection began with the creative vision of  founder, Claire Burke herself. A talented interior designer, she was intrigued by fragrance and began exploring how to capture its essence. Blending flowers and herbs, she created aromatic sachets of rose petals, lavender and cinnamon bark.



Poo-Pourri is a blend of essential oils that virtually eliminates bathroom odors! Our award-winning before-you-go® toilet sprays come in a variety of scents and sizes.  “Spritz the Bowl Before-You-Go and No One Else Will Ever Know!”

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