Combine your personal choice of PANDORA charms and wear them on a PANDORA bracelet in sterling silver, 14k solid gold, leather or textile to create an expression that is uniquely you.  Create and coordinate rings, earrings and necklaces to go with your bracelet collection.  All PANDORA pieces are handmade, so no two pieces are exactly alike.  The timeless craft of creating jewelry has been handed down from one generation of craftsmen to the next.

Pieces for every person and every occasion initials, florals, animals, baby charms, seasonal collections, holidays, travel charms (i.e., Hawaii, Chicago, Australia, etc), NFL and Major League Baseball charms



Waxing Poetic jewelry, charms, objects, candles, housewares, and general amusements come to you from Carpinteria, California, by way of designer Patti Pagliei Simpson, her intimate coterie of friends and family (sisters in particular): like-minded artists, dreamers, adventurers, and raconteurs.

Our jewelry is fabricated by an incredible batch of Balinese craftspersons, truly part of our extended ‘family’. These incredible people devote themselves and their lives to beauty, both in action and intent.  Our Bali artisans are paid several times more than minimum wage, and treated with respect, dignity, and most importantly, gratitude.

Our jewelry pays homage to the journey of our lives: where we come from, what our stories are, and how they have influenced both the world and us.





RS Covenant brings you reasonably priced rings made of sterling silver, jeweler’s bronze (a brass alloy) and 14K electroplate over sterling.  Every ring is made one at a time.  Every ring is hand-polished.  And Covenant’s Cubic Zirconia is custom-cut and hand-set, just like a diamond.

From simple to extravagant, RS Covenant’s jewelry comes with a life-time guarantee.  The company’s mission is “to provide the finest ring possible at the best possible price.



Ginger Snaps is a new style of interchangeable jewelry that features “fashion snaps,” button-like charms you snap in and out of stylish bracelets, rings and more. Ginger Snaps is all about heart and soul, sweetness and sass, and brazen individuality.

To change your Snaps, simply pry out using your finger. The Snap will detach from the finding and can quickly be removed and replaced with a new design.





Sandee Chase, Pandora & Waxing Poetic Specialist

SANDEE CHASE,Retail Manager

Pandora & Waxing Poetic Specialist


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