It’s been a tough week here in Tyler, our surrounding cities, our state, and several states around us.  People have huge clean-up and repairs that will have to be made.  They are saying this is the largest amount of damage, monetarily, in our state’s history.  So yes there are so many hard things, but I want to take a moment to talk about the great things we’ve seen this week.  Groups out searching for the homeless, taking them to hotels, and providing food.  People out with their own 4 wheel drive vehicles looking for people stuck or in need.  Unidentified men pushing a woman’s car that would have been stuck on the side of the highway, for who knows how long if they had not stopped to help.  People sharing their firewood.  Broken pipes across town?  If you need towels, people came.  People without electricity or water, or both being taken into private homes and sheltered.  Businesses opening up as warming stations.  Medications being delivered to people who had no way of getting them. Home health nurses calling to make sure their elderly and home patients are safe and cared for.  A labor and delivery nurse couldn’t drive safely, so she walked to work to be there for women coming in to deliver their babies. So yes there have been really really tough things happening, but it’s been AMAZING to see how people have stepped up to the plate ready to do what needs to be done!  Thank you for being great humans and setting an example for us all!