It’s no secret that shopping for yourself — and even for other people — can feel good. After all, there’s a reason why we call it “retail therapy.” Not only are you walking away with items that’ll improve your mood (and hopefully your life), you’re also coming away with the excitement or the comfort of buying something for yourself. “We imagine ourselves either wearing the new outfit or using a new product, and when we think about that, we envision ourselves being happier,”  “It gives us a temporary boost just imagining it.”  That temporary boost might also have something to do with the fact that shopping gives us a sense of control, of regulating what we take into our lives.

“When life is chaotic, we might go, ‘what’s something I can do?'”   When the answer is shopping, it means you can go out, pick something up and bring it home. “It gives you sort of a  sense of control in the moment.” When our world is spinning, we will look for something we can control, enter “retail therapy”

You have that favorite store or boutique that just makes you feel at home the minute you enter the door!  It’s the place where you found that “special little something” the last time you were there, sort of like a treasure hunt. The perfect gift for a family member, your friend, or yourself (it’s ok to put yourself on the list)!  There is a rush of endorphins when you find the perfect blouse, in just the right color, that feels like it was made for you.  You slip it on and feel beautiful; you stand a bit taller and the face you see in the mirror has a shy smile on it, looking back at you as if to say “you’re amazing”!  Some would say that retail therapy isn’t real, but in that moment, the moment in the mirror, that “amazing” moment, I would argue “retail therapy” has done it’s job.  That job was to remind you, you are amazing, you are beautiful, and you are worth it.  So indulge a bit, after all $39 isn’t that big of a price tag for an such an “amazing” return