It’s a summer afternoon, the grass recently cut, and you’re sitting on the back porch with
a glass of tea; life is good. We’ve all had those moments when a certain fragrance, pine
trees, rain, honeysuckle, triggers a memory. Don’t laugh, but for me it’s vapor rub. It’s
just comforting. Actually, what gives vapor rub its distinctive scent is Eucalyptus oil. The
aroma reminds me of my mother and how she was always the one to care for me,
watch over me. Nostalgic ties between scent and memories aren’t just a coincidence
though — there’s science behind why we cherish these aromas. Our olfactory response
is directly linked to the emotional center of our brain, causing a flood of warm and fuzzy
feelings with a simple sniff.
Fragrance can affect our bodies and minds in startlingly ways. Certain scents can calm
us, relieve stress, or energize. Hospitals, spas, and even dentist offices (you know we
“love” the dentist) are beginning to use aroma to put people at ease. Lavender, mother
of all essential oils, is a go-to for relaxation, but can also help treat insomnia. Cinnamon
sharpens the mind, boosting brain power. Pine alleviates stress, and citrus energizes
(super helpful if you’re trying to cut out caffeine). Peppermint settles your stomach
(remember that school nurse) and eases headaches. That’s just a few! Imagine the
possibilities especially when used in combination. “Lavender Pines” sounds like the
perfect mix of calming purple forests to lull yourself into a deep, dreamless sleep.
If dentists and doctors do it, why not use the same thought pattern in our homes!
The Potpourri House is excited to introduce a new home fragrance and essential oil line
called Airome (air-o-may). Airome utilizes heatless, ultrasonic diffusers. Using electronic
frequencies to create vibrations, essential oils are vaporized and is dispersed into the
air. This process breaks down the essential oil into effectively absorbed micro
molecules which are then projected into the air, filling your room or workspace.
What’s so great about that you might ask? Well, as the oils break down, they release
natural ozone. This freshens and actually improves the quality of the air! These particles
will remain in the air for several hours invisibly cleaning every breath you take. We
sweep, mop, dust, vacuum, and wipe down everything, sometime multiple times a day.
Why wouldn’t you clean the air you breathe, too!
Not only does Airome help clean your air and freshen your home, it also:
● Is easy to use and clean
● Breaks down any essential oil (no matter the viscosity or volatility)
● Has a high oil capacity
● Has a low noise level and high air saturation
● Covers a large square footage
● Eliminates unpleasant environmental odors
Diffusers can help decrease stress, relieve headaches, improve concentration and
mental clarity, create calming environments, and encourage wellness and vitality. Not to
mention they smell great! So, what do you have to lose? Come out to The Potpourri
House and grab an Airome diffuser. We’d love to help you choose the right essential
oils for you and your family.

Written by Sandee Chase

Edited by Erika Chase