Each week, The Potpourri House and the Ellsworth Family are asked to donate ten to twenty gift cards to local nonprofit organizations. We are implementing a program to focus our giving to build up two specific ministries– while supporting your local nonprofit at the same time.

As a family doing business, we desire to make an effective and significant impact with all of our giving, both here in Tyler/East Texas and abroad.

In response to that desire, we ask you to make a donation to one or both of these two groups.  We will then double the amount of your donation with a Potpourri House Gift Card to the non-profit organization you represent (up to $200.)

Your organization may not be able to write the check but anyone can do so on behalf of your non-profit. Not only will you be supporting a worthy cause, you will be giving even greater value to your own non-profit group at the same time! It has been fun to see the response to this challenge already.


Bethesda Health Clinic

Health care has become a major political and economic issue in this country. It has been wonderful to come along side a ministry that is doing something proactive about health care– with a kingdom focus.  Some staff, customers and friends, customers of The Potpourri House look to Bethesda Clinic for their own medical care.

  • Provides health care for the working uninsured of Smith County, Texas.
  • Relieves some of the burden on local hospitals’ Emergency Rooms
  • Lives out the biblical and historical commission of the church to care for the sick.
  • Professional, dignified environment with state-of-the-art medical facility
  • Electronic medical record access in every room, allowing volunteer physicians to pull up all relevant patient records instantaneously.
  • Powered by over 180 volunteer doctors, 140 volunteer nurses and 250 others
  • More about Bethesda Health Clinic

L’Arcada Christian Camp

In 1980, The Potpourri House was established by Carol & Les Ellsworth, Sr. who had moved to Tyler to work with a young camping ministry — Pine Cove Christian Camp.  Our family appreciates the power of a Christ-centered camp experience first-hand, so we want to help people in Spain have this same experience.  Please join us in helping L’Aracada Christian Camp, Madrid, mature into a solid camping ministry to the people of Spain.  The country is less than 1% Evangelical Christian and there is a great resistance to the Church as an institution in Spain.  Christian Camping is a very effective, albeit non-traditional, way to reach people for the Lord.

  • Located in the Pyrenees Mountains northeast of Madrid, Spain.
  • Forms solid families, through recreational education, who will contribute positively to the society of Spain.
  • Values and principles shared at camp are based on the Bible.
  • Offers sports camps, adventure camps, conferences, retreats, educational programs, and family retreats.
  • More about L’Arcada Christian Camp

To Make Your Gift, contact

Les Ellsworth
(903) 592-4171
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